Lipbarvis® unveils the skin barrier

Lipbarvis® takes a non-invasive look into the skin

Microscopy Services uses the patented Lipbarvis® (Lipid Barrier Visualization, LBV) analysis method to examine the epidermal skin barrier directly without invasive sampling.

We take skin samples in the range of seven to eight cell layers using a particularly gentle adhesive/carrier system. These are then available for various investigations.

With our innovative analysis method, you receive clear and reliable statements about your development processes. Facts rather than estimates - with Lipbarvis® without negative environmental effects, without a large pool of test persons.

Lipbarvis® provides the answers to your dermatological questions

The investigation potential of this analysis method is acutely adapted to your questions about the lipid barrier: If you are planning studies on atopic dermatitis, dry skin and psoriasis, or if you need meaningful analyses and image material on the condition of the lipid barrier or other target structures in the stratum corneum before and after the application of your care product or pharmaceutical agent - Lipbarvis® reliably provides you with the urgently needed answers.

Lipbarvis® is the only recognized method that directly illustrates the condition of the skin barrier and the effect of cosmetics or pharmaceuticals.

Lipbarvis® is considerably more sensitive than conventional biophysical methods and provides clear proof of efficacy when, for example, cornometry or TEWL have long since reached their analytical limits. In addition, morphological results can be reliably correlated with the determination of skin lipids, skin hydration and epidermal proteins. Lipbarvis® is even suitable for lipid determinations (Lipbarvis® LIP, LBV-LIP). Further statements and recommendations are thus possible and support the arguments benefitting your product marketing.

Lipbarvis® had breadth and depth:

with before/after comparison of lipid lamellae (LBV-TEM), with determination of skin lipids (LBV-LIP), with analysis of cell volumes (LBV-SEM)

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Current publications with Lipbarvis

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