Pollution Imaging

Efficacy of Anti-Pollution Products

Several hundred substances burden our skin every day. Environmental effects from exhaust gases, pesticides, fine dust and smoking influence our skin condition. Many of these substances are deposited on the surface of the skin and may cause harm.

In recent years, various methods have been developed to test the effectiveness of anti-pollution products. Here the environmental impact of cigarette smoke on the skin and hair is often simulated, and fine dust particles are applied to the skin.

Through the imaging and measurement of test dust or fine dust particles on the skin or hair surfaces, we support you with our images and data in the promotion of your anti-pollution products.

For more information, please refer to our Technical Note: "Effectiveness of Anti-Pollution Products: Direct detection of environmental test dust on skin and hair surfaces" which you can download here.

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Cleansing of the facial skin

The effect of cleaning products on the facial skin after the application of the test dust and the subsequent application of a cleaning product is first visualized by means of the scanning electron microscopy and then quantified.


Lipbarvis shows the influence of cigarette smoke on the skin barrier

In addition to the direct visualization of smoke particles on the skin or hair surfaces, the effects of smoke or the influence of UV radiation on the epidermal skin barrier and its lipids can also be shown using the Lipbarvis technique.

In a pilot study with 12 volunteers with healthy skin whose forearms were treated with cigarette smoke or UV light, a significant decrease in the length of the lipid lamellae in the intercellular space was observed.

In this study, the analysis of lipids in the stratum corneum (SC) also allowed the direct determination of lipid peroxidation. We were able to show that exposing the skin to cigarette smoke induces a significant reduction in free fatty acids (FFA) and ceramide EOS (CER EOS) in SC.

Current Publications with Pollution Imaging

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Technical Note: Wirksamkeit von Anti-Pollution Produkten: Direkter Nachweis von Umweltprüfstaub auf Haut und Haaroberflächen.  Download hier

Effects of cigarette smoke on the skin in comparison to UV radiation: Parallels and differences. Poster (SEPAWA, Oktober 2017)   Download hier