3D in vitro tissue

Microscopy Services offers efficacy studies of your products (pharmaceuticals, medical devices or cosmetics) on the 3D skin model. Together with our partners - such as the Fraunhofer IGB - we individually address your problem, develop a study design and test your preparations "fresh" from the development department. Our work focuses on the microscopic image: Using various light and electron microscopic analyses, we accompany, document and interpret the effect of the substances to be tested in the skin model.

Microscopy Services has developed an in vitro test system especially for efficacy studies with dry skin that corresponds morphologically to dry skin. With this specially treated 3-D epidermis model, your products can be examined for their effect, e.g. with regard to the repair of the epidermal skin barrier.

Our analysis can also include lamellar bodies, mitochondria or other cell components of importance to you.

With the help of 3D skin models, many analyses can be carried out that are not possible in vivo with test persons. 3-D skin models enable product active substance tests under standardized conditions. You can have your new medical devices, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or their individual components tested under laboratory conditions.

With our 3D skin models, your study remains cost-effective, independent of seasonal weather conditions and other undesirable effects, and finally avoids the complex ethical issues of conventional study designs. Even extreme test conditions become possible for the first time.

Our range of applications includes penetration studies, studies with dry skin, investigations of in vitro nasal mucosa and in vitro intestinal mucosa.

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3D in vitro cell culture of the nasal and intestinal mucosa

Lipidlamellen der Hautbarriere vor und nach Produktapplikation

                                Cilia of the nasal mucosa                                                                                 Mikrovilli of the intestinal mucosa


Visualisation of the lipid lamellae in 3D in vitro keratinocyte cell culture (HRE model)

Lipidlamellen der Hautbarriere vor und nach Produktapplikation

Lipidlamellae in the intercellular space

- in the standard HRE model                                                             - in the modified model  "dry skin"                     - after product application on a "dry skin" model