Lipbarvis®: A new look at the epidermal skin barrier and its lipids

For the product claims "Strengthens", "Protects", "Builds", "Cares", “Restores” and "Repairs" the epidermal skin barrier, there are many methodological approaches: classical methods such as the measurement of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) as well as newer imaging approaches. We would like to introduce Lipbarvis®, a new and innovative approach for cosmetic, anti-pollution, blue light and pharmaceutical products. Using high-resolution electron micrographs, the integrity of the epidermal skin barrier and its lipids are quantitatively determined. Statements about the effects of your products can be substantiated with the help of impressive microscopic images.

In our 30-minute lecture you will receive:

  • A general introduction to the Lipbarvis® methodology.
  • The quantification of lipid lamellae in the intercellular space
  • The determination of lipids
  • Lipbarvis® and the skin microbiome
  • Application examples from cosmetic research to test the effects of anti-pollution / blue light products on the skin
  • Examples from dermatological research
  • Benefits and advantages of the technique

All participants of the lecture will receive the shown presentation as a PDF document after the webinar on request.

Online lecture on Tuesday, 14 June 2022 at 3 pm (CEST). Duration: 30 minutes + 15 minutes discussion. Are you interested? Please register free of charge under this link. Of course, your data will not be passed on to third parties.

The online lecture is free of charge and without obligation and runs via the conference software "Zoom". The presentation language is English.

We look forward to your participation!

Stephan Dähnhardt-Pfeiffer and Dr. Dorothee Dähnhardt

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

You can reach us at or +49 4347 809120

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