elektronenmikroskopische Bilddokumentationen
elektronenmikroskopische Bilddokumentationen
elektronenmikroskopische Bilddokumentationen

Our images, your success.

Electron microscopy in dermatological research


Your scientific work in diagnostics and drug development is clearly explained and accelerated by our electron microscopic examinations and image documentations in the truest sense of the word.


As a certified service laboratory, Microscopy Services Dähnhardt GmbH supports you with an extensive service portfolio in the life science sector and saves you valuable time and money resources. We support your work

  • by preparing, microscoping and interpreting your samples,

  • by providing you with high quality and meaningful image material, and

  • by carrying out complete studies.

No one likes to wait for results, and neither do you. Therefore, we have established a rapid service for you that guarantees the dynamics of your product and development processes through the shortest response times. Your dermatological concern meets our special and long-standing expertise.

We are of course certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO/IEC 1702, and we count renowned pharmaceutical, medical technology and cosmetic companies among our reference customers.

We focus our competencies on

  • Lipbarvis®

    and demonstrating the efficacy of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals on skin barrier lipids.
  • Pollution Imaging

    in order to visualize and quantify test dust on the skin or on the hair.
  • TEM (Nano) Imaging

    in order to detect liposomes or nanoparticles or to show you and explain the fine structure of your product.
  • in vitro 3D-Tissue

    as an alternative to test the care properties of your product or raw materials on different in vitro test models